Incomparable location 

Rustic Hill, a jewel in the mountain settlement of Mikri Mantineia, is at the beginning of the Messenian Mani and it sits at 200 m above sea level. Enjoy the wrapping of tranquility and privacy, 2 km away from the beach of Santova and 9 km southeast of Kalamata.



Simplicity of nature

Inspired by and in harmony with nature, Rustic Hill offers spectacular scenery of hills full of olive trees with a wonderful view to the Messenian bay. Walk the well-trodden paths and discover the feeling of “gaia” (earth) with the quiet of the sky. You can always be attuned to the peace and happiness created by nature from your suite, enjoying your private pool and relax to your patio  


Illuminates the soul

Messinian Mani is mentioned by Homer as one of the seven cities offered as dowry by Agamemnon to Achilles to marry his daughter. This land symbolizes the indivisible character and the strength of the local history. Rustic Hill is a part of Messenian Mani and we welcome you to embrace our history and traditions.



Rustic Hill offers a blend of timeless elegance, sumptuous environment, beyond comfortable and stylish rooms, incorporating nature's finest lush greenery and unmatched sea view. It has an environmentally sustainable character and the soft curves of white buildings and materials used: wood & stone, connect Rustic Hill organically with its surroundings.

Our Suites with private swimming pools offer breath-taking views and endless comfort giving you moments of relaxation, forgetting your routine and simply letting go within its premises. Your pet is not only part of the family, but also your pride and joy. Your pet is most welcome.


with private pool


with private pool


με ιδιωτική πισίνα XL


Μπαρ με θέα

Starting the day, it includes a rich breakfast of Greek flavors and local recipes with the freshest ingredients and products of the Messinian land. From the terrace of the bar, your favorite coffee becomes even more enjoyable, gazing at the unique view of the Messinian Gulf. Each of your meals is characterized by traditional and local cuisine. Flavors as the locals know them and recipes from the products they produce themselves. The day ends with refreshing drinks and relaxation at the bar on the hill with the endless view of the mountain and the sea. The pleasure takes off with the selection of local organic drinks with unique combinations of aromas and plants.



Events on the hill

Create your own personal experiences by organizing your own event in the outdoor area of the hill. Rooms with private pools offer quality accommodation to your guests. You can also create business meetings or online meetings in the office, with absolute security. RUSTIC HILL is also available for all inclusive private bookings, offering absolute privacy for as long as you choose.

Exploring Messenia

Visit historical places, castles and Messenian islands, enjoy swimming in the sea, rivers or even waterfalls, hike to Taygetos mountain, learn about local traditions and discover new flavors. Rustic Hill has tons of travel information on what Messenia has to offer at any time of the year.



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Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your disposal and we look forward to providing you with a memorable experience.